ActMonitor – the app for monitoring the activity of your iOS-devices

It shows system information about your device and compares other Apple devices

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Monitor the status of your device

ActMonitor will tell you the characteristics of your iPhone or iPad that are not found in the settings


Find out your battery charge and remaining operating time

Disk free space information

Find out what the memory is occupied by and how much free space on the disk

Memory stat

Find out the workload of the device to know its working speed

Wi-Fi & Cellular traffic meter

Keep track of the amount of traffic via Cellular and Wi-Fi


  • Free without restrictions

    Works without ads and in-app purchases
  • Easy to use

    All information in easy access is always at hand
  • Dark theme

    Save charge and use it at any time of the day or night
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Know everything about your device

Download the app from the App Store and find out everything about your iPhone or iPad
ActMonitor. Know everything about your device. Available in the App Store