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Water is the basis of life. Start tracking your water intake to improve your health

  • Water helps to keep fit, lose weight, maintain the necessary pressure and blood flow, helps the body get rid of harmful substances and is the basis of thermoregulation.

    Adequate water intake is a guarantee of physical and mental health, a balanced metabolism, and a good mood.

    The daily amount of water depends on many parameters.

    But no matter how small it is, modern man consumes much less than his norm.

    Try to reduce your intake of drinks containing a lot of caffeine, sugar and alcohol, as they contribute to dehydration, especially on hot days and during illness.

    Take care of yourself and your loved ones. And stay at home for now if possible!

    Good luck!

    The application is completely free and will remain so forever!

    In the next updates we will add integration with Apple Health, notifications and all the other pleasant and necessary little things.

    Stay with us!

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