Moroz Team

Easy Choices

Choosing things and making decisions has never been so easy

  • Decision making is one of the hardest processes in life.

    Choosing a kindergarten or school for a child, buying a car, an apartment, starting a business - these and many other choices take a lot of time and effort.

    After all, tomorrow, month, year and future depend on making the right decision.

    Our app will make it easier than ever to make objective and rational decisions!

    Under the hood is a host of sophisticated mathematical algorithms, a proven theory of multivariate analysis, and a hierarchy analysis method.

    Outside - simple intuitive and friendly user interface.

    A selection with a bunch of criteria and objects now takes just a couple of minutes!

    1. Add comparison

    2. Select or create a category

    3. Define the comparison criteria

    4. Prioritize the criteria

    5. Add comparison objects

    6. Compare objects


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